"100 Miles" Day 3: A Hot Day & a Little Help

By San Deigo standards, today was a scorcher! It had to be in the 80s during Luke's ride and his little body is not used to riding in the heat. I'm just happy that he didn't melt! He stayed hydrated and took another long nap this afternoon. All is good!

Today, Everett joined us for the last mile of the ride. He loves jumping on the back of Luke's bike for the downhill ride. He's as responsible as an 11 year old can be, so he does take control of the brake. Luke's laughs all the way down the hill, brothers! It's fun for all of us, many laughs along the way.  Sonny came for the first 2 miles today and we traded him in for Everett for the final mile. We ran into so many friends on our ride today, 2 who are also walking/running with Ainsley's Angels and some others from school. Fun day. 

Luke's running total for his June bike is officially 9.9 miles. Almost a tenth of the way there! Go Luke! He's got this.

Good night, we are turning in early!


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