"100 Miles" Day 2: A Solid Ride & a Well Deserved Nap

We didn't make it out until almost 10:30 this morning, so it was HOT! Luke loves biking around our neighborhood, seeing familiar faces, 4 legged friends and making new acquaintances along the way. Luke's greets everyone he sees with Good Morning. If someone happens to be wearing Aippods or just doesn't respond, he shouts them out...GOOD MORNING, he will not be ignored. It's hilarious. 

Luke nodded off at 1:30 for an afternoon nap, didn't wake up until 3:30. That's what 3.5 miles does to him. When he finally woke up, the first thing out of his mouth was "where's dinner". My boy loves to eat. 

These rides are so good for him, physically and socially. He'll be back at it tomorrow!

KINDly yours,

Luke & Vicki






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