Luke's June Bike Challenge "100 Miles"

June is here! As our society starts to open up we are ready for a new outdoor challenge. Exercise is critical to our physical and emotional well being, so Luke’s goal is to bike 100 miles this month…so I guess that means I am along for the ride.😊 We are doing the June Challenge with Ainsley’s Angels, a nonprofit that ensures people of all abilities can participate in endurance events.

JOIN US on our daily adventure at “Follow Luke” on Instagram blue_glassesco, Facebook @blueglassesco or on our blog at You may be asking yourself “why follow Luke?”, because you’ll share in all of his highs, lows, laughs and adventure. Your feedback & encouragement through this journey will help Luke accomplish his goal. Also…there will be a few prizes & giveaways along the way!

Let’s get rolling!

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