June Bike Challenge "100 Miles" DAY 1!

He did it! Luke rocked 3.4 miles of his challenge on day 1. He is on track for 100, only 29 days to go:) We put on our Ainsley Angels gear at 9am and didn't look back. Even Sonny, Luke's best 4-legged friend, came along for a couple miles. That little guy has endurance! Man, even I was hot and tired. But true to how he lives his life, Luke did not complain. 

Luke has 2 marines running on his Ainsley Angel's team, what a privilge! One of them had a quote today that stuck with me and is aligned with the Blue Glasses way of life. "

"RUN when you can, WALK if you have to, CRAWL if you must, BUT NEVER GIVE UP"

Here's a photo of Luke & Sonny, I'll get more tomorrow. Good night, Luke is already nodding off at 7:30pm Zzzzzz.





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